• Ovesol Solution 100  ml

Ovesol - the way of gentle cleaning the liver from toxins.

Ovesol - a real bouquet of valuable plants, wich are prepared by special technology. The complex composition of the Ovesol contains an extract of oat in milky ripeness condition, combined with choleretic herbs and turmeric oil. Each of them has its effect, and together they provide a complex effect.

Ovesol literally "washes" the liver from toxins, eliminates stagnation of bile, and prevents the formation of stones. Ovesol help cleanse the liver gently, without harm to the body. Even the  the first course of cleansing the liver with the help Ovesol will already benefit the entire body.

Ovesol solution - colloidal solution of Ovesol, with enhanced bioavailability and rapid absorption, high-grade assimilation and high efficiency. Ovesol solution has a high affinity with the physiological body fluids. This is supports  rapid and efficient transport of active substances of this solution to organs, virtually in a constant kind.

Package contains: 1 bottle,  100 ml (3.4 oz) 

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Ovesol Solution 100 ml

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  • Ovesol Solution 100 ml>


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