• Novo-passit 200 ml

Combined fitodrug with sedative and anxiolytic effect.

Indications of use:
• neurosis and neurotic reactions, accompanied by irritability, anxiety, fear, fatigue, distraction;
• "Manager syndrome" (a state of constant mental stress);
• Insomnia (mild forms);
• Headaches caused by nervous tension;
• migraine;
• Functional gastrointestinal diseases (dyspeptic syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome);
• As a symptomatic treatment for neurocirculatory dystonia and menopausal syndrome;
• Pruritic dermatoses (atopic and seborrheic dermatitis, urticaria), due to psychological stress. 

 Package contains: 1 bottle,  200 ml (6,76 oz)  

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Novo-passit 200 ml

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