• Malavit Intimate 50ml

Many women often experience occasional discomfort during sex caused by the lack natural lubrication.

Action: Moisturizes, improves sliding, makes intimacy more enjoyable, prevents irritation of genitalia and damaging of the epithelium. Also it prevents from infectious diseases. Suitable for daily use.  Compatible with condoms.

Ingredients: Grape oil, manuka oil, amino acid complex. Grape oil - moisturizes, nourishes and gives elasticity to skin.
Manuka Oil - moisturizes the skin. Has pronounced antiviral, antifungal properties, effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria.

Indication: For topical use, compatible with condoms.

Russian Altai natural product!  

Package: 1 tube, 50 ml. 

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Malavit Intimate 50ml

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