• Malavit Facial Scrub 100 ml

Malavit Facial Scrub massages and gently cleanses the skin, adsorbs on horny particles.
Because the scrubbing particles of silicon dioxide are spherical and porous, Malavit Facial Scrub does not scratch or injure the skin.
Malavit Facial Scrub due to its unique composition has a whitening effect due to mechanical peeling.
Malavit Facial Scrub is not necessarily to wash off, it is enough to remove residues with a wet sponge.

Malavit Facial Scrub, besides Malavit complex,  contains aloe, jasmine, clover, witch hazel and almond extracts.

Indications - for deep and gentle cleaning of the face.

Russian Altai natural product!  

Package: 1 tube 100 ml

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Malavit Facial Scrub 100 ml

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  • Malavit Facial Scrub 100 ml>


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