• Malavit Facial Cream-Gel 50 g

Facial Cream-Gel Malavit maximally moisturizes and nourishes, smoothing the the skin surface.
Facial Cream-Gel Malavit perfectly fills the lack of moisture in the deep layers of the skin and maintains an optimal level of hydration of the epidermis, without clogging the pores.
Delicate and light texture of Facial Cream-Gel Malavit is quickly absorbed, matting the skin without leaving a greasy shine.
By filling the skin with moisture, Facial Cream-Gel Malavit helps it to breathe.
As a result of using Facial Cream-Gel Malavit, the protective functions of the skin are restored, the aging processes are slowed down, the imperfections of the skin are eliminated.
Facial Cream-Gel Malavit, besides Malavit complex, contains such natural ingredients as Japanese honeysuckle, Japanese algae, Japanese rose, Japanese rice and Japanese apricot. These components successfully cope with signs of fatigue, even out skin texture and eliminate irritations.

 Russian Altai natural product! 

Package: 1 tube 50 g

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Malavit Facial Cream-Gel 50 g

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  • Malavit Facial Cream-Gel 50 g>


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