• Essentiale Forte N 100 capsules
Essentiale Forte N is 100% natural. 
It normalize liver function and enzyme activity of liver cells, reduces the level of energy consumption of the liver, contribute to the regeneration of liver cells, convert the neutral fats and cholesterol in the form, facilitating their metabolism, stabilize the physico-chemical properties of bile. Essentiale Forte N has a normalizing effect on the metabolism of proteins and detoxifying function of the liver. Also it restore and preserve the cellular structure of the liver enzyme systems, inhibit the formation of connective tissue in the liver.

Daily intake of Essentiale Forte N removes fat deposits in the liver, ensures the improvement in the liver's detoxification function and supports the restoration of the liver's cellular structure.

  • Liver damage from excessive alcohol consumption
  • Hepatits
  • Fatty liver degeneration
  • Impairment of the liver function from illnesses
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Liver toxicity from usage of anabolic steriods or medication

Take 2 capsules 3 times daily as primary dose

Essentiale Forte N is one of the most prescribed drugs  in Western and Eastern Europe. 

Package: 100 capsules

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Essentiale Forte N 100 capsules

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