• Erectogenon 4 capsules
The composition of Erectogenon includes plant male adaptogens, which have a high degree of biological activity. Microelements, vitamins, plant extracts strengthen and significantly complement each other's action. 
Erectogenon promote normalization of blood circulation in the men's genital organs, increase sexual desire, improve the quality of erection, which  entails an increase in self-esteem. 
All components of Erectogenon can return the state of psychological comfort and healthy sexual activity, enrich all male sexual sensations.

  • Erectile disorders
  • Problems with potency
  • Low level of libido
  • Passive lifestyle
  • Unbalanced diet, lack of zinc and B vitamins
  • Complex treatment of prostatic adenoma or prostatitis, impotence and infertility

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Erectogenon 4 capsules

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  • Erectogenon 4 capsules>


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