• Dexpanthenol 30 g
Dexpanthenol has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, enhances the processes of skin regeneration, takes an active part in the synthesis of acetylcholine, corticosteroids, activates metabolic processes.

  • damages of the skin - burns, scrapes, abrasions, sores, bedsores, poorly healing skin grafts
  • inflammatory processes of the skin - dermatitis, furuncles, trophic ulcers, tracheostomy, gastrostomy and colostomy
  • treatment and prevention of exposure  environmental factors on the skin of (cold, wind, humidity)
  • kids - diaper dermatitis, scratches and irritation after exposure to the sun
  • nursing mothers - cracks and inflammations of nipples 
  • for treatment and protection of dry skin

Other names: Panthenol, Dexpane Plus cream, Bepanten, D-Panthenol, Corneregel, Panthenol-ratopharm, Pantenolspray, Pantoderm, Heppiderm

Package: 1 tube 30 g

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Dexpanthenol 30 g

  • Dexpanthenol 30 g>


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Tags: anti-inflammatory, skin regeneration