• Hypericum Ointment Homeopathic 30 g

Hypericum ointment is a homeopathic ointment intended for topical use.
Hypericum ointment is one of the most effective first aid homeopathic medications admitted by official medicine.
Hypericum ointment has a local anesthetic effect. Hypericum ointment action aimed at restoring injured nerves.
In case of damage of the fingers of the upper or lower extremities, Hypericum ointment helps to quickly reduce the level of pain, and promotes regrowth of new healthy nail plate.
Homeopathic Hypericum ointment  improves blood circulation, eliminates pain, relieves inflammation, reduces or removes muscle swelling.


  • neuritis and neuralgia, accompanied by stitching pains, aggravated by cold and moisture
  • pain radiating throughout the nerve in damaged limbs
  • pain in the gums after dental surgery or filling
  • injuries to the tips of the fingers and toes
  • back and tailbone injuries
  • pain radiating to the arm as a result of damage to nerve endings in the cervical-collar zone.



  •  hypersensitivity to the medication
  • violation of the integrity of the skin
  • skin diseases
  • children under 18 years old

Package: 1 tube, 30 g.


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Hypericum Ointment Homeopathic 30 g

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